Une employée de bureau a mal au cou

Ergonomic Workplace
Assessment Program

The purpose of an ergonomic assessment of the workplace is to identify risk factors that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders (injuries) and to make recommendations. These recommendations will optimize the layout of work tools and limit the damaging impact of bad postures.

How will the assessment take place?

The therapist first conducts an interview with the worker to better understand the context of the assessment: whether the worker has certain health conditions that may have an impact on ergonomics (such as a herniated disc for example), an overview of the description of the tasks and roles of the worker, etc.

Next, anthropometric measurements (the dimensions of the person, such as arm length, hip width, etc.) are assessed. This will be followed by the physical assessment of the workstation: height of the desk, dimensions of the chair, layout of work tools, and so on.

Throughout the assessment, the therapist provides important ergonomic advice to the worker.
 Following the assessment, the therapist will produce a detailed report, including recommendations. This report will be sent to the contact person within ten working days of the date of the evaluation. The total duration of the assessment varies, but usually lasts between 45 minutes to one hour.

*Note: It is important to note that the ergonomic evaluation of the workstation is preventive in nature. It does not in any way replace the recommendations issued by another health professional (doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, etc.). We encourage anyone with pain or health problems to consult a health care professional.

Does the Physio Plantagenet clinic offer other services as part of the ergonomics program?

We also offer the option of a presentation to the employees that provides an overview of general notions in ergonomics (e.g. height of the chair, ideal layout of equipment, etc.). It lasts about 30 minutes and is free. This format is perfect for conveying the basic notions in ergonomics to a work team and fits well into a lunch break for example. The presentation can take place either in person or in telework format.