Drainage lymphatique manuel

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a non-invasive procedure that consists of a series of gentle massages that improves circulation of the lymph in the organism and eliminates toxins.
Lymphoedema is the retention of liquid beneath the skin caused by an obstruction in the lymphatic vessels. This condition most commonly occurs following a surgical intervention or a trauma.
Our Treatments Can Help ​
A Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment takes about 1 hour and includes an initial evaluation of your health, continuous monitoring of your progress and recommendations for appropriate exercises following treatments.

Compressive Stockings Available at Our Clinic

We offer evaluation services, adjustments and the sale of SIGVARIS Compressive Stockings. The use of these stockings helps to diminish symptoms related to a number of conditions including varicose veins, vein problems, lympoedema, restless legs and swollen calves.

Our services include an evaluation, measurements and adjustments by an accredited Physiotherapist. We also have a catalogue including a variety of colour and style choices.