Dr. Michael Loloyan

Dr. Michael Loloyan


I earned my B.A. in Biology from York College of Pennsylvania and went on to complete a Masters in Molecular Biology from Concordia University. With a deep desire to focus on preventative care and healing people, I made the deliberate choice to pursue chiropractic care as my chosen field. 

In 2017, I proudly graduated from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres as Dr. Michael Loloyan, D.C. A year later, I opened my own clinic, Loloyan Chiropractic, in Kanata, allowing me to practice the job I love while being my own boss. Through my dedication and unique approach of investigating all possible causes of a condition, rather than solely focusing on the spine, I have gained a reputation for effectively addressing complex cases and achieving outstanding results where other chiropractors could not. 

Fluent in three languages – English, French, and Farsi – I embrace diverse cultural backgrounds. Alongside my professional commitments, I hold a black belt in karate, have experience as a former lifeguard, and enjoy engaging in active pursuits such as playing tennis and hiking. My current residence is in Kanata, where I am happily accompanied by my lovely wife, Shannon.  

Motivated by my dedication to delivering comprehensive care and expanding my impact on individuals’ well-being, I made the deliberate choice to join the exceptional team at Physio Plantagenet. I am excited about the opportunity to serve and make a positive difference in the community’s health and well-being.