Orthèses sur mesure

Custom Orthotics

Our Physiotherapists have profound knowledge in posture and in the function of the muscles of the body which permits them to determine the necessity of orthotics and their impact on your treatment and daily life.

Our Custom Orthotics Services include:

An evaluation of 1 hour during which your Physiotherapist will evaluate your posture and gait. Your Physiotherapist will also take into account your daily activities to better understand your affliction and your objectives.
By a rapid and effective process, your Physiotherapist will take a precise imprint of your feet.
We have numerous options for the fabrication and coating of your orthotics for their desired use (daily, sports, high heels, etc.)
Your Physiotherapist will show you the appropriate way to care for your orthotics to maximize their life and your comfort.
We offer a follow-up session to check the results and impact of the orthotics on your gait and daily activities. Minor adjustments may need to be made at the clinic, free of charge.