Mobilisations neuroméningées et viscérales

Visceral and Neural Manipulations

What is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy concerned with mobility restrictions of the internal organs (viscera) and the surrounding tissue (fascias, omenta, mesantery, etc). These restrictions may contribute to symptoms within the musculoskeletal system and releasing them is often found to be “a missing element” in the treatment of chronic conditions that are slow to improve or unresponsive to other treatment modalities alone.

Examples of conditions effectively treated with visceral manipulation therapy include but is not limited to:

What is Involved in a Visceral Manipulation Treatment?

Visceral manipulation treatment is conducted through the clothes with the patient resting comfortably on the treatment table. Occasionally, part of the abdomen may need to be exposed to examine the skin, which is always done within a patient’s comfort level.

Our therapist uses a very light touch on the abdomen, lower ribs and/or lower back area. The successful visceral manipulation treatment allows for noticeable decrease in symptoms and frequently leaves the patient feeling “lighter” or having better mobility in general.

To learn more about Visceral Manipulation and its developer Jean-Pierre Barral please visit The Barral Institute.

What is Neural Manipulation?

Nerves are the body’s great communicators, conveying vital information between the brain and all other structures. If a person is feeling pain, it is because the nerves are reporting this information to the brain. The slightest mechanical interference, however, can lead to a compression that impedes the body’s ability to report the information correctly to the brain. This can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Neural Manipulation is a precise light-touch hands-on treatment used to identify and release local nerve restrictions, enabling them to move freely in their surroundings.  The treatment improves the functioning of the nervous system which allows the nerves to convey accurate information to the brain, reducing pain and optimizing function.

Neural Manipulation has been found to be beneficial for various disorders such as:

To learn more about Neural Manipulation and its developer Jean-Pierre Barral please visit The Barral Institute.