Céleste Barbeau

Physiotherapy Assistant and Personal Trainer

I successfully completed the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Algonquin College in 2018, laying the foundation for my passion in promoting well-being. My dedication to enhancing people’s lives through rehabilitation-based exercises fuels my desire to expand my knowledge continuously. 

I firmly believe that regular physical activity is the cornerstone of a fulfilling and healthy life. With a strong commitment to this belief, I worked for two years as a personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness. This experience allowed me to deepen my understanding of the remarkable benefits of physical exercise, and I remain deeply determined to help others incorporate this beneficial practice into their lives. Witnessing the transformation of individuals and their overall improvement in well-being brings me immense joy. 

Since my childhood, I have always been an active person, whether it’s with hockey, basketball, soccer, or rugby. But about a decade ago, I discovered my true passion: weight training. Since then, it’s what lights me up in life. In addition to weight training, I also enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, and skating. These outdoor moments allow me to stay connected to nature while maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle. My life is a mix of the challenges of weight training and total relaxation in the great outdoors. 

Originally from Orleans, I recently moved to Plantagenet, and I am thrilled to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to the Alfred-Plantagenet community. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to help individuals of all fitness levels achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Passionate about promoting health and well-being, I am thrilled to offer my expertise in personal training at Physio Plantagenet. Committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, I bring a dynamic approach to each session, tailoring workouts to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each person. Focused on creating a supportive and empowering environment, I am dedicated to guiding clients on their journey to optimal health. Whether it’s strength training, flexibility enhancement, or overall fitness improvement, I am here to provide personalized strategies in harmony with each individual’s lifestyle. Join me at Physio Plantagenet, where we can work together to unlock your full potential and enhance your well-being through targeted and results-driven personal training.