Murielle Fortin

Owner, Physiotherapist

I am the founder and owner of Physio Plantagenet and Physio Cumberland. Physiotherapy is my life!
I’ve been a physiotherapist since 2001. I first began work in the West of Québec as the sole Physiotherapist offering services in a rural community of a 4000 square kilometre radius. I also offered services to the entirety of Baffin Island, again as the sole practitioner in 2004, travelling to even the most remote locations. These years of practice, although intense, were an enriching learning experience!

In 2005, I returned to Eastern Ontario where I decided to create my own clinic. I wanted to offer myself a work environment where I could take the necessary time to meet the needs of each client, where I could put an emphasis on professional training and where my clinic could become an essential and positive addition to my community. This has been and remains the core mission of Physio Plantagenet and Physio Cumberland.

Since then, I continue to develop and grow this dream. I am continually pursuing professional training courses to deepen my knowledge, most notably in the areas of manual therapy (FCAMPT), of advanced osteopathic techniques and of business management. Between clients, I am often found sharing my knowledge with my therapists, ensuring that they all have the support necessary to carry out their work with confidence and to have fun while doing it.

My range of experience includes in-home treatments, long-term care facilities and also humanitarian work in Haiti. In my free time, I enjoy watching my kids grow even when they are being a handful. 😊

Qualifications of Interest